ORIGINS. Piumelli’s history started in 1958 when its founder Antonio Piumelli opened a small workshop in Naples where he personally manifactured leather gloves, curating every step of production: from the choice of materials and design to the selection of an infinite number of color hues to offer to his clientele.
Since the beginning the use of premium leather, excellent cratmanship and timeless design have been the key to the brand’s success.

DEVELOPMENT. During the 1960s a new found recognition, resulting in international retail and wholesale distribution, drove the company to a more specialized and fast-paced production. In this period, Piumelli also widened the range of products branching out to bags and small leather goods.
Piumelli is keen to keep an eye on lifestyles allowing the brand to always carry a contemporary feeling suitable to the modern woman without losing sight of the renowned traditional italian artisanship and taste